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Deep Burn Ebook.jpg

Title: Deep Burn

Series: Easton Family Saga #8




Fractured into a thousand tiny pieces.


I’d promised to make it all better.

To heal the blows she’d been dealt.

But she wasn’t the only one living in a nightmare.


I’d tried to forget about my past as a marine, but it echoed in the edges of my mind, chipping away at my sanity.

The violent memories haunted me.

But now so did she.


I’d let my anger take over.

I thought I’d gone too far and destroyed everything.

But she was still there. 

Waiting for me.

Waiting for us.


Our pain threatened to eradicate everything around us.

A roaring flame no one could extinguish.


But it was nothing compared to the fire in our souls.

The deepest love always burned the hottest.

And ours was set to ignite an inferno.



Deep Burn is book two in the Burned Duet. A two-part, emotionally gripping story of forbidden angst filled love.


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