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Title: Tied Bond

Series: Easton Family Saga #6


They said true love only happened once in a lifetime. The kind that knocked you off your feet and changed you completely. At twenty-one, I was sure I’d already had mine.


My heart had been stolen, my soul captured, and my world spun on its head. I’d taken it for granted though—taken him for granted. It was there one moment, and the next…gone.






Time healed all wounds, at least, that was what we were taught.

But it was a lie.

A lie we liked to tell ourselves so each day would feel easier than the one before.


Time stood still. Memories haunted me.

All I wanted was to turn back time to a place where he was beside me. A world where he existed.


But it was gone.

Nothing would ever be the same again.

Ford has been my protector; my savior even when I hadn’t asked for it. 

He was the strength I’d needed, so I was determined to be exactly that for our baby.


Each day was a challenge to survive, and I found myself drifting farther into myself. I allowed loneliness to consume me.

But I shouldn’t have.

I shouldn’t have let me guard down.


Evil lurked in places I hadn’t expected.

I’d always been taught to be aware of my surroundings, but I’d failed—again.


Nothing could save me from the hell I was living, but one tiny seed of hope was all it took.


I had to fight for what was right.

I had to fight for me.

I had to fight for my baby.

But most of all, I had to fight for Ford.


The ties that bind were infinite, and ours could never be broken.



Tied Bond is book two in the Bonded Duet. A two-part, forbidden story, with epic angst you’ll never forget.


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