I've been knee deep within the world of words the last couple of months. My hands are sore, my eyes drooping, but my brain is on overdrive.

When I first started writing CONFESSIONS OF A KLUTZ, it was meant to be a standalone novella. What came from that was never planed, but isn't that the joy of being a writer? You never know what's going to happen within the worlds you create.

Since I started this journey three years ago, things have come from left, right, and centre, and not once have I regretted any of the twists and turns I've taken.

So when Ella (Violet's cousin) demanded that she get her words out there, I couldn't deny her. The story evolved so much as I was writing it, and I can honestly say that every single word was worth it.

If you haven't read CONFESSIONS OF A KLUTZ yet, then that's okay. You can go into Ella's book, CONFESSIONS OF A CHATTERBOX, without reading about Violet & Axel.

Although...I'm sure you'll want to read about them too!

CONFESSIONS OF A CHATTERBOX will release November 8th, so keep a close eye out for any information.

For now, I'm going to leave you with a sneak peak of part of the blurb and a little teaser!

I was the best secret keeper.

It was ironic considering I never stopped talking.


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