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The Easton Family Saga has a new look!

Same books, all new covers.



We were never meant to meet; our paths shouldn’t have crossed.

And yet they did.

I was an undercover DEA agent and she was the little sister of my next target.

She was forbidden in every sense of the word, and not just because of the sixteen year age gap.

We were taught to expect the unexpected, but nothing could have prepared me for what was about to happen.

I fell hard.

I fell fast.

I free falled heart first.

But there was a secret I was keeping, and if revealed, it’d destroy the lives of those I’d vowed to protect.

One wrong move and everything could erupt in our faces.

All that remained was one question...

Was she worth it?



Opposites attracted like magnets. They went hand in hand; just like we did.

I was drowning in the depths of my sorrow, trying to push through each day to get to the next.

And then he turned up.

Cade Easton.

My new World History Teacher.

It should have mattered that I was his student, but it didn’t. And neither did the eight year age gap.

They said there was nothing quite like your first love. That all consuming feeling—the infatuation.

A thousand steps separated us, but nothing could keep us apart.

Or could it?



She’d been unexpected.

A path I hadn’t thought I’d take.

But once she was on my radar, there was no turning back.

Being deceptive was part of my job as a DEA agent, but I’d learned how to deceive people a long time before that.

I’d been deep undercover for nine months.

But all it took was one action to springboard me back into the real world.

Belle Easton wasn’t meant to walk into the club of a cartel boss. She wasn’t meant to fall into my arms—literally.

But there she was, the girl I’d known since she took her first breath. The girl who had grown into a woman people couldn’t take their eyes off.

It didn’t matter that her lips pressed against mine roared a fire to life within me.

It didn’t matter that there was a twenty-two year age gap.

It didn’t matter that she was my bosses daughter.

All that mattered was that she was safe.

Belle was forbidden fruit I hadn’t been able to resist, and now there was no going back.

Bonds weren’t meant to be broken, but ours had been torn apart irrecoverably.



Strong. Kind. Forbidden.

Guys like him didn’t want girls like me.

Or did they?

My life was a battle, one which I was losing.

Each moment I struggled to keep everything on lockdown. And yet all it took was the man with the enticing eyes to draw me out.

He thought he knew my secrets, but he had no idea the pain I felt.

The torture I suffered.

The agony I held deep down inside where no one else could see.

Dancing had been my only savior.

But now he was too.

The marine who knew the deepest part of my soul. The tattoo artist who turned my black and gray world into full color.

The man fourteen years older than me.

He’d vowed to protect me. To shield me from the evil I encountered.

But there was a dark cloud hanging over us. One which promised to rain terror.

The battle had turned into a war, and there could only be one winner.


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