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It's here! The cover reveal for the last book in the confessions series!

I had such an amazing time writing this book and creating this cover. I can't believe that in a few weeks readers will be consuming the words and getting to know Summer & Gabe! (As well as the other guys)

Check out the cover below!

You can add this book to your TBR on Goodreads here.

Bloggers can sign up to spread the word here.

And readers can request an ARC copy here.

Now for a little sneak peak, keep reading below for an excerpt of CONFESSIONS OF A FRAT GIRL.


The first class at my new college flew by, thank god. I wanted nothing more than to jump out of my seat and run out of there once the lecturer dismissed us, but I was stopped by Gabe, yet again.

“What’s your next class?”

“None of your business,” I replied as I pushed my books into my bag and pulled it onto my shoulder, not even sorry that it smacked into his stupid chest.

“Actually.” He grinned. “It kind of is. I know all of the guys’ schedules.”

“Good for you.” I pushed my way past the other guys and jogged down the stairs, needing to get out of the room and his presence as quickly as I could.

Everything that had happened with us that first night was still a foggy memory in my brain, but the longer I was around him and watched each of his movements, the more it lifted. I didn’t want the stupid fog to lift. I wanted to pretend like it never happened and finish out my college education in peace.

Why did the universe hate me so much? Maybe I was a bad person in one of my previous lives. Or maybe I’d already been a good person and now it was time to be a bad person. Ugh. The universe sucked.

I walked with the fray of students, hoping that I lost Gabe, and when I turned the corner to the drama department, I let out a sigh of relief.

It was short lived though because someone shouted my name.

Why couldn’t he just leave me the hell alone?

“What?” I snapped, spinning around on my heel and looking up at his stupidly handsome face. Maybe I could punch it to make it not so handsome? That thought had a grin forming.

“Frat meeting at six tonight. You need to be there.”

“Do I though?” I scrunched my face up. “Just because I’m living there—”

“That’s the exact reason you need to be there.” He moved closer, a serious mask slipping over his features. “Your dad wanted you to be part of this frat so that means you need to be part of it, which includes the meetings and everything else that comes with it. If you don’t then it’ll be an infraction.”

“Ohhh.” I held my hands up and wiggled my fingers. “An infraction.”

“I’m being serious, Sum. You’ll get kicked out if you get too many infractions, and I’m guessing that you being here is a last resort.” He left that hanging in the air, and for a second I wondered if he knew what had happened last year. “Six pm. Don’t be late.” With that, he spun on his heels and walked away, leaving me to watch his ass with each of his steps. Goddamn it was a fine ass.

“I know that look, girl,” a deep voice said from beside me. I turned to face a guy with a green mohawk. “I’d eat him alive.”

“Good.” I twirled to face him completely. “Maybe that’d get him off my back.”

He raised his brows causing the silver stud displayed there to twinkle. “Or your front.”

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