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Confessions of a chatterbox is Live!

A romantic comedy with a difference.

I'm SO excited for everyone to read about Ella & JJ!

JJ appeared out of nowhere in Confessions Of A Klutz, and once he said his first word in that book, I knew he had to have his own.

I've read a few books where the main character has autism, but never in the way I related to. I have personal experience with autism and wanted to portray that things can be hilarious and not all doom and gloom!

But I never thought JJ would steal a piece of my heart as I was writing, and no matter what I do, he just won't give it back!


Confession One: I was a self-confessed chatterbox. Words were my best friend. They loved me almost as much as I loved my pajamas and unwashed hair.

Confession Two: I hated outside people. I was happiest sitting on my sofa, my favorite show in the background, and my laptop open while I worked. Being my own boss was freaking awesome. So why the heck had I accepted this new teaching job on campus?

Going back to the sunny state was the last thing I wanted to do. It was only meant to be for one day—one talk. But life had a funny way at throwing you for a loop.

Confession Three: I was the best secret keeper. It was ironic considering I never stopped talking. But I’d do anything for my best friend. Until him.

Confession Four: I’d never met anyone like him. He was different, but not in the way that everyone else viewed him. He made my heart stutter and my breath catch. But worst of all, he made my words disappear.


“You’re in the same position as you were seven hours ago,” JJ’s deep voice said.

My fingers stalled on the trackpad and I glanced up. He was sitting with a tablet on his lap, and when I tilted my body to see what he was doing, I noticed the YouTube screen.

“I am.”


“I’m working.”

His head turned, his gaze tracking over my crossed legs, my pajamas, and up to my face. “You work in your pajamas?”

I leaned over the other seat, planted my elbow on the arm, and rested my chin on the palm of my hand. I observed him like a middle-aged woman who stalked Noah Centineo on Instagram—with stealth and my full attention.

My eyes widened at the realization, and I scanned the shop to make sure no one could hear my thoughts. You never knew when a mind-reading vampire was around to catch you out.



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