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Used & Bound Anthology!

The game: dishonesty. The goal: to gain advantage.



Driven by need, forced by desire.

Welcome to the dark and twisted world where these powerful men reside.

With their black souls and insatiable needs, they know what they want and will do everything in their power to take it.

Once they set their sights on a target, there’s no holding back.

Confined in a tangled web of deceit, these women must choose:

surrender or fight.

Used & Bound is a limited time collection of non-con, forced pregnancy dark romance stories from a variety of authors.


A. A. Davies | Selena Michaels | YD La Mar | Demi Lane | Felicity Brandon | Vivian Murdoch | TL Mayhew | Kelly Kelsey | Brooke Summers | Sahara Roberts | J. M Walker



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