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It's here! The cover reveal for the next book in the confessions series!

I had such an amazing time writing this book and creating this cover. I can't believe that in a few weeks readers will be consuming the words and getting to know Ella & JJ!

JJ holds a special place in my heart and he won't ever let go.

Check out the cover below!

You can add this book to your TBR on Goodreads here.

Bloggers can sign up to spread the word here.

And readers can request an ARC copy here.

Now for a little sneak peak, keep reading below for an excerpt of CONFESSIONS OF A CHATTERBOX.


“So when we get inside, hang your jacket on the coat rack and take your shoes off.”

Vi had been schooling me on what to say and do the whole time we’d been walking to JJ and his dad’s house, and this was the final thing she said as we stopped in front of their house.

“Got it.” I nodded to get my point across, but her twisting lips and gaze batting back and forth between me and the house spoke a thousand words. “Vi, you need to calm the hell down. It’s dinner with two guys, not the Queen of England.”

She blew out a breath, fanning me in the face with it and causing me to scrunch up my nose. Ew.

I twirled around, darted up the path that sat in the middle of two small grassed areas, and jumped the three steps onto the wraparound porch. Vi was hot on my tail as I lifted my hand to knock on the white door, but it swung open before I even had chance.

“Ella. Vi.” JJ stepped back, his hand gripped onto the edge of the door. His face was clean shaven today, showcasing his strong jaw and full lips. My gaze batted down to the soft looking T-shirt he was wearing and followed the shape of his defined arms that tensed as he gripped the door harder.

“‘Sup.” I gave him a chin lift and stepped inside, looking around at the foyer to distract myself from him. The stairs were right in front of us, and to the left was a door and one toward the back. I could see through the one at the back and spotted a sink and countertop—definitely the kitchen.

I heaved in a breath and my head spun for a second. Fresh linen mixed in with JJ’s woodsy cologne made me feel a little tipsy, and I had to steady myself. Maybe coming here wasn’t such a good idea after all. I had no idea what was happening, but I knew whatever it was I couldn’t act on it. I was a knot inside a messed-up ball of yarn with no way out. I needed a knot expert to help me escape. Where the hell did I find one of those? Could I ask Google for a recommendation?

Vi walked past me, a frown on her face as she glanced at me, but I couldn’t describe what was happening. It was different talking to JJ those other couple of times. We were outside, and I didn’t know him. Not that I knew him now, but things had changed. He was part of Vi’s family while she was living here, which meant he was now kind of mine. Was it incest if I was thinking about his ass in his jeans and the way his jaw would feel as he pressed his face into my neck?

I took two steps toward the door Vi had gone through, but a hand clamped around my forearm, halting me in my getaway. My breath hitched as I stared at the huge tan hand. I could see the pop of his veins as well as his nails that were cut short and kept clean. There was nothing more repulsive than dirty fingernails. Just clean that shit. Please.

I swallowed as he tightened his grip. “You need to take them off.”

My head snapped up, my gaze connecting with his green eyes. He signaled to my sandals on my feet, but why was it that I kind of hoped he meant my high-waisted hot-pink shorts?

“Right,” I whispered. “Sorry.” I bent down and raised my brow when he didn’t let my arm go. “You’ve got to let me go, JJ.”

He pulled his hand back, holding it up in front of his face. “I don’t know why...I…” He frowned at me. “You keep making me touch you.”

I chuckled and pulled my sandals off, letting the cool wood floor seep into the soles of my feet. “Maybe it’s because I’m so irresistible?”

I didn’t expect an answer, so when he replied, “I think that must be the reason,” I couldn’t form words. My mouth opened and closed as he shut the front door and sauntered past me, mumbling to his hand under his breath.


What just happened?

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