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Rafael Pagani Ebook Cover.jpg

Title: Rafael Pagani

Series: Unseen Underground #6



She was hiding a dark secret, and I was determined to become her salvation. 


Growing up as the youngest son of a notorious mafia torturer wasn’t easy, but I was determined to create my own path—to become the man I’d always been destined to be.


My focus was my job—learning everything I could in the mafia life. I was devoted to the world I’d grown up in.


Until her.

My brother’s next door neighbor.

The single mom clearly running away from something.

The woman ten years older than me.


We were complete opposites, but that didn’t matter.

Not when I touched her.

Not when I placed my lips onto hers.

Not when she took up all of my brain space.


I was obsessed with her.

Completely addicted.


But that changed the moment I found out who she really was.


She’d been hiding in plain sight; an enemy I’d never even considered.


She’d tricked us all. But most importantly, she’d deceived me.


Or had she?

Was she really who they said she was? Or was the woman I’d fallen in love with the true version? 


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