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Title: Christian Gallo

Series: Unseen Underground #3



She was off limits, but the moment I touched her she was mine. 


I’d climbed the ranks of the Beretta Mafia from the age of eighteen, never once wavering in my devotion to the organization. 

I did what was needed, no matter the cost.


The Mafia came first. Always.


But that changed the moment my lips pressed against hers. The forbidden fruit that I wasn’t able to resist.

The one person I could never truly have.

Sofia Beretta. 

The little sister of my best friend—and my boss.


I’d been a trusted ally to Lorenzo Beretta since we were kids, but now I’d crossed a line. One that I wasn’t sure I could come back from. 


I was trapped between loyalty and love.

So I made the only choice I could see.

I chose him—I chose the Mafia.


I told myself I did the right thing. I told myself it was best for everyone.


But I’d made a grave mistake.


Now the choice was clearer than ever.

I had to fix it.

I had to get her back.

But was I too late?



Christian Gallo is an all new standalone in the Unseen Underground series. A forbidden, best friend’s little sister, addictive, angst filled, mafia romance that will have you turning the pages non-stop. 


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