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Verboten ebook.jpg

Title: Verboten


The lights go out, bathing us in darkness. Only she and I reside here, on opposite sides, both craving the same thing.


I witnessed it in her eyes. I let it fester for years. I allowed myself to think I was different from them.


I was wrong.


I tried to resist. 

I tried to be different.

But blood was thicker than water.


I didn’t just want her. I needed her.

I needed to own every single inch of her.


She crooked her finger, beckoning me, and I drifted to her like helpless sails in the wind.


A flicker inside me roared to life.

She’d woken the beast.


The flames burned bright, promising destruction to all those who obstructed our path.

Ashes to ashes.

Dust to dust.

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