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Title: Confessions of a Frat Girl

Series: Confessions Series #3



Confession One: Musical theatre and chess were my true loves.

I was a mixture of nerd and drama queen.

I liked to think of myself as raspberry ripple ice cream.

The perfect combination of sauce to creamy goodness.


Confession Two: I was an adaptable kind of girl.

Until it came to my dreams.

Four years of hard work and I finally got into the college I’d fantasized about since I was a little girl.

But sometimes things didn’t work out how you wanted them to.One incident—and a Viking helmet—was all it took to have my aspirations snatched away at the end of my first year.And now I was here.

In a state I hated..

A second college I didn’t want to go to.

But no other choices available.


Confession Three: Alcohol was the enemy.

All I wanted was to blow off some steam before I met my new fate.

To let loose, and have a little fun. I was never meant to wake up in a hot guys bed and not remember how I got there.


Confession Four: He was my new roommate.

Running out of his house the morning after the night before was the last time I was meant to see him.

I could forget it ever happened and start my sophomore year unscathed.

Until I found out he was my new roommate...along with another thirty guys.

I was the new Frat Girl in town, and life was about to get a whole lot of messy.


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