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Mateo Caputo is live!

The second book in the Unseen Underground series is live! I'm so excited for this book to be out in the wild!

Mateo Caputo can be read as a complete standalone.


She’d taken the blame, and now I was her only savior.

My entire life had been unpredictable. But in the chaos I’d found moments of solace.

I was sixteen when I dropped out of high school to take care of my baby brother. A couple of months later I became a soldier in the Beretta Mafia. And I’d finally found the one place that felt like home—a family.

No two days were the same when your boss ran a criminal organization, yet it still hadn’t prepared me for her...


The girl with the soulful eyes.

The girl with lips that begged for my touch.

She hadn’t been part of my plan, but now it was impossible to get away from her.

My plate was full. I was on track to get us away from the mayhem at home. And I couldn’t let anything veer me off that.

If only it was that easy.

Luna had made a mistake. She’d tried to do the right thing. Only she had no idea the darkness she would face as she stepped into Lorenzo Beretta’s office as the enemy.

I was her only way out.

Her get out of jail free card.

But should I risk it all for her? Or let her face the consequences alone.

Mateo Caputo is an all new standalone in the Unseen Underground series. A forbidden, unputdownable, angst filled, mafia romance that will have you turning the pages non-stop.


Luna’s breath stuttered at the movement, her throat bobbing as she swallowed. We were so close in the small space; all it would take was one jerk of my body and we’d be flush against each other. Her blue eyes swirled, becoming darker the longer we stood there. But it was her squeezing her legs together that had me dropping the wipe.

Another person wouldn’t have noticed the action, but I wasn’t just anyone. I was a master at taking in people’s body language and predicting what their next move would be. It was a life-or-death skill that I’d honed years ago, but in moments like this, it served in a completely different way.

My chest stilled when she swiped her tongue over her bottom lip. The air in the room was running out, our time nearly coming to an end. Doing anything with her wouldn’t be a good decision, I knew that, but I still found my palm opening up and cupping her cheek.

She had me under her spell and I was helpless to it. She drew me in, demanding I pay her attention. I wasn’t going to back away, not like I did with everyone else. For once, I was going to take what I wanted, consequences be damned.

I’d think about how it was a mistake later, but right then, I did what I’d wanted to do from the moment I’d seen her on the curb.

I slammed my lips against hers.

I grabbed the back of her neck, holding her to me.

I bit down on her bottom lip, swallowing the moan she let free.

I took what I wanted, not caring about what it would mean.

Her legs opened wider, and I took the opportunity, pushing closer to her, loving the way she felt as her body molded to mine, like it was always meant to be there.

Our tongues met, dueling in a battle we’d had no idea would rage. I gave it my all, beating her to the win, and controlling the kiss. But more than that, she let me.

She let me touch her.

She let me take a part of her.

She let me steal a piece of her soul with our kiss.

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